quarta-feira, 1 de março de 2017

Stylewe looks amazing

Hi my loves

Today I have a very special tip for you, for those who know me know that I love fashion and always be within the new trends, thinking about it, I always follow several virtual stores because it is the fastest way to follow the fashion world.
I recently met the Stylewe.com store and just loved it, it has clothes for all styles and tastes.
I selected 3 pieces of clothing that certainly came to my wish list.

Rompers for sale - In this category you have many products on offer, and who says you can not have a wonderful outfit waiting for you in the offers category? Proof of this is this super delicate dress, which I loved as soon as I saw it. Matches a lot with a fresh day.

Sexy white party dresses - In this category there are many beautiful party dresses, for me it was even difficult to choose a favorite, it was the category I took the most time in her ... lol ... But look that beautiful this dress I chose for enter to my favorites list. All in velvet and velvet is super high, and with a powerful wine color, to complete has a lovely neckline in the back, this is a perfect dress.

Royal blue party dress - And lastly and certainly my favorite category, because I really love shades of blue, especially in clothes, I think it suits my skin and hair color a lot. Look at this dress, that delicate and at the same time sexy, is the first on my wish list.

My loves, I hope you liked the tips today and do not miss the Stylewe.com, because I'm sure you will find what you are looking for there. You have free shipping on purchases over $ 60, so it's worth knowing.
Kiss and until the next post.

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